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deliver yourself, virtually

Are you close to your friends?
Do you live far from them?
Do you want to move beyond using text and videos to be in touch with them?

here4u lets you (virtually)stand near your friends and deliver a 15-20 second-long message such as "Happy Birthday!" or "Wish you were here..." or "You still owe me!"

without using an app!

The technical version - here4u is an experimental AR tool that lets you send personal messages, which can be accessed by the receiver through a link on his/her mobile-device browser, without downloading an app


Step 1 - Record a 15-20 second video of what you'd like to say and send it to

(upload feature coming soon)

Use a plain wall as background for best results.

Step 2 - Within 3 days you will receive a link that can be shared with the intended receiver

Step 3 - Receiver opens the link on his/her mobile device web browser

Step 4 - You're standing in their place, saying what you wanted to say! All this without any apps!

Beta. Terms and Conditions Apply.

2020 - Promethean Media Pvt. Ltd.


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